Pro-Tech Wallet



Soorena Behnamrad

Soorena Behnamrad


This project aims to protect card owners from swindlers, intercepting the interaction between cards and disguised data stealing devices thanks to a system embedded in the wallet. Before conducting the project, we reviewed literature and investigated whether or not any project is conducted about the devices used for this purpose. And we found out that our project idea was never used in a project.  Then, we investigated the material to be used as a barrier between wallet and NFC reader, and decided to use aluminum foil because of its advantages. At the end of the tests we found out that aluminium foil intercept the signals send from cards. We used reed relay module to produce warning signals emanating from magnetic field of pos device. a vibration module was installed in the wallet in order to send warning signals to the owner. Bluetooth module was used to relay the signal to mobile phone to be activated for a help call. A mobile phone application was developed in order to send help warning to 1550 TPCD (Turkish Police Cybercrime Department) SMS emergency line and initiate a phone call notification. After the tests it was found that all the circuit components and application operated in a stable way, and the battery power was sufficient to generate energy for the system. Project suggests that wallet owners will be protected against cybercriminals using NFC tools, and this novel apparatus will cause precipituous decline in this type of crimes.