Developing a Kinect-based Filipino Sign Language (FSL) Teaching Module Application



  1. Anshari Kirsten G. Dalan
  2. Jezriel Theana H. Sison
  3. Juan Miguel Sebastian E. Orille

The Philippines


Our project is an application that teaches Filipino Sign Language gestures through a video-based instructional material and a Kinect-based performance evaluating method. The application shows the step-by-step procedure of the sign language gestures.  Non-FSL speakers will learn the sign language gestures through viewing the instructional material and performing the sign language gestures themselves. The sign language recognition system of the application monitors the users’ performance. Users will perform the sign language gestures in front of the Kinect sensor to record the user input. Subsequently, the application checks whether the performed gesture is correct by comparing the user input to the database. The application is user-friendly as it has an easy-to-navigate interface. It is also portable; users can access the application anywhere and anytime as long as they have a Kinect sensor, connector, and computer. Additionally, it is also interactive; users will have the opportunity to perform the gestures themselves and know if their motion is correct. This project provides a sustainable, easy and fun way to learn sign language that will benefit people with or without hearing impairment.