CROPATROL Agricultural Crop Pest and Disease Predetection Patrol Monitoring System



  1. Raphael David Bharwani CondorAvi
  2. Conerose Therese Serundo Malana
  3. Kyra Jillian Langit Namor

The Philippines


The project aims to provide a sustainable and efficient crop health monitoring system by incorporating a smart monitoring technology for crop pest and crop disease presence detection. Each sensor was calibrated and incorporated by Arduino Nano microcontroller unit, with HC-SR501 PIR sensor for pest motion detection, CZN-15E Sound Sensor for noise level >60dB from pest noise associated with locusts, Raspberry Pi Camera for pest count through image processing, and AMG8833 thermal camera for high surface temperature >28 ºC from crop disease. Upon detection, signals from each node would be sent to the central device through 433MHz Radio Frequency communication and displayed on the LCD Display. A mobile application shows the graphical map of the field and alerts the user where the threat is detected, connected via HC-06 Bluetooth Module. The device signal output for each sensor was obtained was plotted as a function of time before and upon detection. Device signal output testing revealed that the signal reading of PIR and Sound sensor was effective in detecting and isolating pest presence, and sound level noise greater than 60dB. Results also showed that the crop disease presence detection was functional with an accuracy of 90% and that the pest counter was also effective in detecting and counting pests with an accuracy of 93.8%. Standardized system field testing shows that CROPATROL is capable of transmitting real-time status information of an agricultural field, and is effective for early detection of unwanted crop pest and plant diseases.