Karangturi, as a global perspective national school with entrepreneurial spirit is one of the referral schools of educational advancement in Semarang and Indonesia. Karangturi National School as one of the model school in development of entrepreneurship and research has had outstanding programs especially in the science and entrepreneurship field including the science experiment (in Karangturi Pre-Primary School), exhibition of science projects (in Karangturi Primary School), Festival of Research and Entrepreneurship (in Karangturi Junior High School), and Karangturi Youth Research Exhibition (in Karangturi Senior High School) which are held annually.

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge in conducting events with a lot of participants, and, of course, been a challenge for the educational sector in general. Learning from its previous experience, Karangturi National School strives to continue to innovate in addressing every challenge. Thereby, Karangturi Science and Entrepreneurship Fair 2021 adopts a different theme: “Beyond the Limits”. This theme is chosen referring to the situation faced by most students in Indonesia (in fact almost in the whole world). Could they break out of their limitations and create new innovations?
Therefore, Karangturi Science and Entrepreneurship Fair 2021 holds a different concept, a virtual concept which presents national and international-scale exhibitions by inviting other schools across the globe. Through this activity, it is expected that there will be one same soul, one same feeling, and one same spirit: the spirit to keep on innovating in building the human race, and giving offerings from the children of the land to the motherland.



  • Science and entrepreneurship fair for all students across the globe
  • Non-Indonesian School
  • Age 8-18 years old