Karangturi School, a national school with a global entrepreneurial perspective  and environmental awareness, is one of the milestones in the development of education in  Semarang and Indonesia. Karangturi School is one of the best schools in the field of entrepreneurship development and research, and already has excellent programs  at various levels of K12, which are held regularly each year, especially in the field of science and entrepreneurship. doing. 

As we enter 2020, the Karangturi School continues to seek answers to all the existing problems of one of  the Covid-19. In 2021, the Karangturi School hosted a Science and Entrepreneurship Week with the theme “Beyond The Limit”. Science and Entrepreneurship Week is held as a virtual concept featuring national and international events with 119 domestic and 23 international participants. 

Karangturi School is hosting Science and Entrepreneurship Week  2022 with the theme of “Nurturing Creativity: Fostering Freedom of Learning” to continue supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship research and development. Through this activity, we hope that  the same spirit can continue to build a country with enthusiasm.